Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer is here and things are moving.....

Ah...the warmth of summer is upon us!  Things have been busy around the old homestead.  We have had two home study visits and they both have went well!  We have one more short visit to complete in the next couple of weeks and then this stage will be done and we await the completed HS report.

We also had another fundraiser at the beginning of June.  Our community has a garage sale and ours was a success.  We want to thank everyone who donated items and all who visited our sale.  We had a special family donate the help of two of their daughters and we are extremely grateful for that.  We feel very blessed to be touched by so many who have wanted to help.

Last weekend we attended an adoptive families reunion just outside of Cincinnati.  We had a wonderful time and learned so much from everyone there.  Most of all we made some great connections to lean on as we continue our process and more importantly for when we have the new kiddos home.  The conversations were great and what a blessing it was to watch all of the children play together.  No matter what their challenge or whey they are from, kids are kids!  Laughter has no racial, ethnic, economical, or religious boundaries.  It was through the grace of God we found this group and I know we will be back for future reunions.

We are looking forward to completing this part of our journey and are preparing for the next step in the process.  Thank you to everyone for the continued support and especially the prayers!!  God Bless you all.

Until next time.....