Saturday, April 12, 2014

We're leaving on a jet plane......

We have our court and travel dates in hand (insert happy dance)!!  We will be leaving soon to finally meet our precious children.

Of course with these dates comes the flurry of things that need to be done.  It is a little overwhelming, but really quite exciting.  We have enjoyed watching others go before us and lived vicariously through them as they started the next chapters in their own adoption adventures. 

Since we will be in country for a fairly long period of time, we really need to figure out what is worth packing and what we can leave at home.  We do not want to have to pay for an extra bag, so if anyone has any proven packing lists or creative ideas, please share! 

We will be posting occasionally while we are in country, but that all depends on our internet accessibility.  If we have access to the world wide web, then we will post updates about our days, joys, and struggles.  We always appreciated hearing about the bad as much as the good.  We knew going into this that adoption is not all butterflies and rainbows.

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray especially for our four kiddos in Poland.  We pray that they will have open hearts and minds about this adoption.

Until next time....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Waiting Children

I wanted to take a moment and write about something very dear to our hearts...children waiting to be adopted.  I know you may say that is all orphans, and you would be correct, but I am referring to is a group that continues to grow on what seems like a daily basis.  The waiting children I am talking about have passed the infant stage and now face a life of growing up in an orphanage without knowing the love and care of a family.  Can you put yourself in that scenario?  Imagine never having those whom you love most in your life...ever.

There are varying degrees of special needs that some of these children deal with.  Some are severe and need special medical and long term care.  This does not make them any less worth of someones love.  Some special needs are easily dealt with in a country like ours where medical treatments, therapies, and surgeries to correct these are performed on a regular basis.  And one special need that really speaks to me is....age.  That's right imagine you are 6 or 7 and are considered old????  Two of the four children (sibling groups are considered special needs in some cases) we are adopting would be considered old on that scale.  It is extremely difficult for me to look back upon my childhood and think that at the age of nine I was looking at a life where I would be providing and struggling to defend myself for the rest of my years.  Older children do bring memories and hurt with them, but they also have a greater need for love to help deal (not fix) that hurt, and in many cases they are eager to help and bond with their new families.

We also see a number of siblings available from certain countries, and the obstacle to them being adopted is that they should be kept together and not separated.  This is something we strongly support, if a family can support more than one child.  Having someone to go through this process with is of great help to a child.  We have spoken to many families who have adopted siblings and they agree that they have a built in support structure and in some cases helps them with the transition into their new family. 

I would like to reach out to any of you who have ever thought about adopting and let you know that it does not have to take years to be matched with a child (or two).  So many kids throughout the world are waiting for folks like you and I too answer the call and say YES!  We had no idea how we would do this when we started discussing the process more than three years ago.  Technology is a wonderful thing and there are so many resources at your finger tips.  We have also encountered so many wonderful families who have adopted and who have been supportive and encouraging throughout this crazy process.  The point is you will not be alone.  Many, many people will have your back, be willing to pray and help when you need it most.

If you are interested in learning more about available waiting children please contact us or anyone you know adopting.  Our agency (who rocks!!) updates a list of available children on a regular basis and we would be happy to put you in touch with them.  If you can keep these kids in your thoughts and prayers, they need them more than you and I could ever imagine.