Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life as a family of eight...

Things are a little more crowded, there are more hugs, a little more noise, more smiles, there is more laundry, there is definitely more laughter!

These are some of the changes we have experienced in the weeks since we have been home.  It has been a transition, but everyday gets a little bit easier as we settle into a daily routine.  Bedtime goes pretty smoothly, the kids know what they have to do and like the sense of security a routine brings.  Most of the "hard" stuff revolves around normal kid stuff.  Someone took my toy, he is bugging me, she won't listen.  Just your regular family with three nine year olds, one eight, one seven and one four.

We loved our time in Poland, but to be honest it was hard at times.  Especially when I had to come back home and Kim and the kids stayed behind.  We encountered so many wonderful, generous and caring Polish angels.  We were truly blessed with a number of people that we know God had cross our paths.  Poland has a wealth of history and her people are proud of their heritage.  It shows in their cities, churches and parks.  We hope someday to travel back when the children are older so that they can maintain the connection to their birth country.

The children are getting used to their surroundings now.  All of them have been to our awesome local library here in Plainfield.  A few have been to the grocery store, two have had haircuts, and they all love playing in the backyard.  We have been able to get everyone to church with no issues and even though it was in English the structure of the Mass was something the older kids remember from the ones they went to in Poland.

Summer seems to be flying by with this wonderful weather.  We hope to post more updates soon!

Until next time...