Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some exciting steps forward...

Hello!  We have had a pretty productive week thus far.  We were able to do our biometrics appointment earlier than scheduled (yay) and we applied for some grants last week to aid in funding the adoption.  Our agency also let us know that when our dossier is sent over shortly we will be able to send photo books to our kiddos :)  This will be the first time that they learn about us! 

I can't begin to tell you how excited that makes us feel.  If only we could be there to see their faces when they find out after all of this time there is a forever family waiting for them.  So now we are working on what to include in the books.  Kim had picked up four photo books over the summer so we will make one for each of the children so they have something of their very own.  We are wanting to include pictures of the four of us, of course, but also places we visit frequently like our church, local library and the park.  We will include pictures of our house, yard, their rooms and of us doing family activities together.  We are open to any suggestions from those who have sent books to their kids before meeting them.

I'm working on a few more grants this weekend.  If anyone knows of any that don't appear on the common lists please PM us on Facebook.  We will get the last of our docs apostilled this week so our dossier can be assembled very soon.  Our hope and prayer is we will travel sometime after the first of the year.  Please continue to pray for the kids, the process, our fundraising, and all those kids who are waiting for a family.

Until next time.....

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