Sunday, December 1, 2013

I-800A approved!!

We are I-800A approved!!  All we need to do is get it apostilled on Monday morning and then overnight it to our agency.  The foundation in charge of our children meets early next week, so please pray that we get the I-800A letter to them in time to review our dossier and issue the official referral.  We appreciate any prayers, wishes of good luck, etc.  For those keeping score at home, if we get the official referral in a week or so, we should be able to travel sometime in Feb/early March. 

It was in February of last year that we committed to these kids.  It has been a year that has shown us the best of people in so many ways.  Complete strangers who have supported us through kind words, prayers, encouragement and through our fundraisers.  We have come to realize (even more than we did before) that we are part of something so much larger than just our little world.  We are have been introduced to some amazing families who have opened their hearts to adoption and they have shared not only their joys, but their struggles as well.  Kim and I are better for having met you all!!

As we approach the end of the first leg of our adventure, Please consider donating to our adoption through our Just Love Coffee store:

Or by purchasing one of our handmade Kumihimo bracelets.  There are photos in the below posts.  Either of these make great holiday gifts, especially when you factor in every dollar gets us closer to bring the "Fantastic Four" home :)

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