Saturday, April 12, 2014

We're leaving on a jet plane......

We have our court and travel dates in hand (insert happy dance)!!  We will be leaving soon to finally meet our precious children.

Of course with these dates comes the flurry of things that need to be done.  It is a little overwhelming, but really quite exciting.  We have enjoyed watching others go before us and lived vicariously through them as they started the next chapters in their own adoption adventures. 

Since we will be in country for a fairly long period of time, we really need to figure out what is worth packing and what we can leave at home.  We do not want to have to pay for an extra bag, so if anyone has any proven packing lists or creative ideas, please share! 

We will be posting occasionally while we are in country, but that all depends on our internet accessibility.  If we have access to the world wide web, then we will post updates about our days, joys, and struggles.  We always appreciated hearing about the bad as much as the good.  We knew going into this that adoption is not all butterflies and rainbows.

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray especially for our four kiddos in Poland.  We pray that they will have open hearts and minds about this adoption.

Until next time....

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