Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Being Thankful and Looking Ahead..

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.  Our newest kiddos found the holiday to be quite a treat.  We started the day off watching the Macy's parade, which was a first for them.  It was so neat to see the expressions on their faces as they gazed upon these larger than life floats, performers and marching bands.  We also had discussed earlier in the week that we need to think about what we are thankful for, because at dinner we would each have a turn to express our thankfulness.  Everyone helped in the preparation of our meal, and it proved to be a good source of memories and laughs.  We have some excellent little chefs in the family!!

I think their eyes were much bigger than their stomachs (which is usually the case, lol).  We had quite a spread and enjoyed a wide variety of choices.  Best of all, the line wasn't too long and we ate on time!  Easy to do when the destination is where you already are!!  I really appreciated hearing each of the children express what they were thankful for.  Sometimes a child's view on the world is pretty simple, but in a very profound and awesome way.  We were touched to here them be thankful for us as we are SO thankful to have them home!

We are approaching Christmas, and Kim and I reflected how different it was this time last year.  We were always wondering how the children were doing, how they were feeling, etc.  We had sent over photo books for each of them and knew they would get them sometime around Christmas, but it wasn't the same as being with them in person.  We have always enjoyed our time together as a family on the holiday, but last year it was difficult to get into the "Christmas Spirit".  Sometimes, waiting is not only hard, but it causes you to start to lose a little bit of hope.  Fear not!  I can assure you things get better.

The kids are very excited for Christmas this year and so are Kim and I.  As we were putting up the tree and decorations, I stepped backed and basked in the noise and glow of house full of six beautiful,  funny and joyful blessings!  Our Christmas wish came true this year, we are all together, under one roof, as a family.  I pray it is a blessing we will remember and cherish more than just once a year.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Until next time...

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