Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's Fat Thursday!! Let's eat doughnuts while we wait!

Today in Poland it is Fat Thursday or Paczki Day!  You have to love a culture that celebrates eating doughnuts :)

Our wait time is getting shorter (hopefully), we are waiting on official travel dates, but were told mid-April.  We are trying to keep ourselves busy by doing projects and a few other things:

1)  Learning Polish.  Kim is doing pretty well.  I on the other hand am probably going to sound like Porky Pig when I get there ;)

2) Painting, painting and more painting.  Bathrooms, a chalkboard wall and a bedroom.  Loads of fun, right?  The chalkboard wall turned out really well and I think the kids will love it, our daughters certainly do.  We painted the bathroom a bright lime green, or as the Disney paint label says, Mike's Mayhem.  It turned out really nice and Kim is accenting it with blues and oranges.  The boys room is next on the list and I hope to have it done in the next week or so.

3)  The last of the paperwork.  We have two more forms to sign and send off!  I forgot how much I miss doing adoption paperwork (insert evil laugh here)

Enjoy those doughnuts today and until next time.......

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